How to Reset Your Password on

The password reset on our site works like this . . .

1. When you click Login, it opens this window:

2. If you know your user name and password, you type them into the two fields on the LEFT side of the window (under “Login”), and you are logged in, and able to place an order. You don’t use the two fields on the RIGHT side of the window (under “Register”). You would only use those fields if you had never registered on our website, and want to create an account for the very first time. If you already have an account, and put your existing user name into the “Email address*” field on the RIGHT, you’d then get a message that this user name is already being used.

3. If you DON’T remember your user name, or your password, then you can click on the link in the bottom-left of the window which says “Lost your password?” When you click on that link, it opens this window:

4. In that window, you type your email address, or your username. You then click on the blue “RESET PASSWORD” button. You don’t type in a new password anywhere on this screen. After you have clicked the Reset Password button, the website will send an email to the email address registered for your account. That email will contain a link to actually reset your password. But, there can’t be any password-resetting until you have received an email, and clicked on the link in that email.

5. To complicate matters, if you try to log in with the wrong password too many times (4), the website will then lock you out for awhile (20 minutes). If you keep trying with the wrong password, and get locked out for 20 minutes 4 times in a row, the site will then lock you out for 24 hours. This is all to protect your security, and the security of the site. It is mind-boggling how many attempted “hacks” are taking place every day by bots and hackers, even on our website!

SPECIAL NOTE: One thing that often happens in this process is that when folks click the “lost your password?” link, they don’t realize that they then need to go into their email to find the email sent from our website, which then provides the link to use to change the password. Sometimes those emails get caught in spam filters, and folks never even see that email. Without the email, there is no access to the password reset link.

If all else fails, we can reset your password for you (for security reasons, we can’t see your existing password, but, as Administrators of the website, we can reset it for you, and tell you what it is). You can then login, do what you need to do, and (very importantly!), before you leave the site, go in and change the password to something that only you will know. Please let us know if you wish for us to do this.