We’re Little Big Stuff Music

We are out to deliver the highest-quality musicals that are honoring to God, fun for kids, and have life-changing Gospel impact on our world. What we are doing is small, and focused: great musicals for LITTLE folks with BIG impact. That’s Little Big Stuff. If you want to impact a culture…start with the kids!

Listen to the entire musical

We know that to make the important decision about which musical your kids will spend months learning and then performing, you need to hear the entire musical, not just excerpts hand-picked by the publisher. That’s why you can listen to every note and every word of every Little Big Stuff musical right here on our website! And, you can read the complete script and song lyrics as you listen. Cool!

Non-Seasonal Musicals

A Not So Terrible Parable

It was a dark & stormy night...
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Not Your Average Joe

That Joe—he’s so dreamy! The year is...
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In The Big Inning

Step up to the plate with Little...
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We’re living in a world of smartphones,...
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The Prodigal Clown

“You know what they say — life’s...
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Jonah’s Druthers

Hold onto yer horses and get ready...
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Happily Forever After

Knights! Castles! Princesses! Dragons! Join Princess Pride,...
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Let’s Rock!

The Christian life is not a solo...
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Life School Musical

When Miss Knowsalot’s class at Life School...
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Christmas Musicals

The King and Me

Welcome to the grand opening of Bethlehem’s...
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Sheep in Heavenly Peace

It’s a zoo out here! Bethlehem’s homes...
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The Loaned Manger

In the small western town of Incarnation,...
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A Play in a Manger

The town of Centerville is preparing their...
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The Night Shift Before Christmas

The Night Shift Before Christmas is a...
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In A Galilee Far, Far Away

“Houston, we have NO problem!” Take your...
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Dude, You Hear What I Hear?

Dude, You Hear What I Hear? is...
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Arrest These Merry Gentlemen

Think of this Christmas title as "Bethlehem...
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Camel Lot

Not even Broadway has taken you to...
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