About Little Big Stuff

We’re Little Big Stuff Music

We are out to deliver the highest-quality musicals for kids that are honoring to God, fun for kids, and have life-changing Gospel impact on our world. What we are doing is small, and focused: great musicals for LITTLE folks with BIG impact. That’s Little Big Stuff!

We have a simple mission

Help those who work with kids music in churches and Christian schools by creating the highest-quality musicals that are fun for kids, honoring to God, and bring the life-changing gospel message of Christ to the community. If you want to impact a culture . . . start with the kids!

About Dave & Rob, the Little Big Stuff guys

David Guthrie
David Guthrie

After more than 20 years with Word Music, David Guthrie launched the very first “church musical publisher just for kids,” Little Big Stuff Music!  Dave now works alongside cohort Rob Howard, who in his 10 years at Word helped Kathie Hill and Celeste Clydesdale produce their wonderful creations for kids’ choirs. After their inaugural project Life School Musical, created with Pam Andrews, Dave and Rob now pour their creativity and professional experience into creating two new musicals for kids each year.

Though Dave has a list of credits and professional accomplishments as long as your arm, we won’t bore you with those. Instead, hear what he has to say about kids’ choir music publishing:

“Some people think I’ve reverted to my childhood, but actually, the most exciting things happening in church music today are in children’s choirs! Rob and I are firmly committed to never short-changing kids, just because they are short! We are bringing our ‘A-game’ to Little Big Stuff Music: great quality songs, great production, rock-solid Biblically sound messages. We’re committed to making our musicals extremely hip and cool, and the stories are interesting and entertaining, but full of sound Biblical truth.”

Dave and his amazing author-speaker-Bible teacher-wife Nancy are enjoying their life in Nashville, and Dave loves having son Matt now working side by side with him at Little Big Stuff.

Rob Howard
Rob Howard

Rob Howard serves full-time as Executive Pastor, Worship and Communication at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN. He has been involved leading and shepherding in church ministry on a full-time and part-time basis for over 20 years.

Several years ago Rob joined David Guthrie in launching Little Big Stuff Music, writing and recording kids’ musical projects that serve the church and proclaim the gospel. He loves the opportunity to create, to work with his wife as a graphic designer, and alongside his kids in the studio, but his passion for Little Big Stuff kids musicals runs much deeper:

“I still remember singing as a kid in choir ministry, ‘I am a promise, I am a possibility.’ Those words, that melody, and many others I learned have never left me. In fact, I know at certain moments in my life they came back to me and reminded me who God is, and who I am in Christ. Truth attached to a singable melody is powerful and can last a lifetime. That’s one reason I love Little Big Stuff—the opportunity for truth to get written creatively on the hearts of our next generation.”

Testimonials & Customer Notes

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