Camel Lot


Not even Broadway has taken you to a place quite like this!

Take your kids, and congregation on a delightful journey to the manger … by camel! As you’ve come to expect from Little Big Stuff Music, the new musical company just for kids, Camel Lot is filled with the coolest music; a fun, funny, but Biblically rock-solid message; and the best time your kids will have anywhere this Christmas!


Beth has been practicing hard for the church Christmas pageant. Her Dad (who runs a car dealership), may be too busy with Christmas car sales to make it to the program. Exhausted from practice, with lines from Luke 2 swirling in her mind, she drifts off to sleep. Transported by Beth’s imagination (and a sound effect or two!) we all “wake up” in Bethlehem on a very special day, and in a most unusual place — the Camel Lot! It doesn’t take long, inside Beth’s topsy-turvy dream world, to encounter camel shoppers, sales people, shepherds, wise men, and a very familiar story, told in a fun and refreshing new way!

It’s all here … music your kids really want to sing, a story everybody will love, and the clear, simple message of Jesus the Savior, sent to our world to redeem sinful humanity. In short, there’s simply not … a better place to spend Christmas with your kids choir this year, than here in — Camel Lot!

Approximate Performance Time

42 minutes

Cast List/Character Descriptions

There are 17 speaking roles (and 10-15 non-speaking roles) available for casting in Camel Lot. Any of the roles may be played by a boy or a girl with only slight name and gender modifications in the script. The indications below show how we recorded them on the demonstration recording. Many roles could be played by older youth or adults.

Rotate your device horizontally to view the entire table.

NameCharacterGenderWhat They’re Like ...No. of Scenes
BethA young girl in the midst of preparing for her Christmas program at church, in which she is the narrator.GirlEnthusiastic, sweet personality, expressive.4
Dad/Baranabas/ BarneyOwner of the Camel Lot in Beth's dream and her father in real life.BoyFriendly, outgoing person respected by all who know him.8
LydiaBarnabas' assistant in the dream and in real life.GirlCheerful and kind to everyone she meets.4
Johnny/JonathanA pesky boy, Beth's little brother.BoyFull of energy, constantly getting into mischief.6
SarahAn assistant at the Camel Lot.BoyDutiful and responsible.2
MatthewAn assistant at the Camel Lot.GirlDutiful and responsible.3
Rich ManA customer at the Camel Lot.BoySpeaks with a sophisticated voice. Part of the upper class of "bible times."2
Rich WomanShops in Bethlehem and at Camel Lot.GirlSpeaks dramatically about everything and has a sophisticated air about her.2
Shopper DadShopping with his son for a new camel.BoyHas one line during the song, "Have We Got a Camel for You."1
SonEagerly seeking to purchase a new camel with his dad.BoyHas one line during the song, "Have We Got a Camel for You."1
GentlemanOlder gentleman seeking out a new "sports camel."BoyHas one line during the song, "Have We Got a Camel for You."1
CowboyGood-old-boy seeking a special camel.BoyHas one line during the song, "Have We Got a Camel for You."1
DeborahA shepherdess who works in the fields with her dad's sheep.GirlFull of joy, outgoing and excited as she describes her experience that night in the field.1
RuthWorks with Deborah.GirlSpeaks with expression.1
Jamie SueHas a country twang to her voice.GirlCheerful, perky personality.1
Wise ManSpeaks with authority.BoyFriendly and searching for reliable transportation at the Camel Lot.1
BrittanyFriend of Beth's in the dream and also a narrator in the pageant.GirlFun, cheery girl and very expressive.3
Click here to view the Cast List/Character Descriptions PDF

Questions or Special Requests?

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Listen to the Musical

Directors and Choir Workers Only!
No Choir Members Allowed!

Note to Directors


For those who are performing with "live" accompaniment, we provide a free download of the Sound Effects on the SoundFX Page, or by clicking the download link below!

Graphics Files

We've provided graphic files for you to download to use for posters, bulletins, ads, and tattoos (well, be careful on that one!). These files may be downloaded and used in conjunction with your performance for no charge. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge.

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