Arrest These Merry Gentlemen Reproducible Demo Recording License


Purchase a License which will give you the rights to make copies of the Demo Recording for $5 each. You are not purchasing actual CDs if you choose to purchase this option. We will not ship these to you. Only purchase this option when you want multiple Demo Recordings (5 or more), which you will make yourself, at a bargain price. Change the quantity you place into your cart to the exact number of copies that you will be making, or the exact quantity of users to whom you'll be providing the recording in any form. Please do not purchase the minimum of 5, and then make more than 5 copies, or distribute the audio files in any way which will result in more than 5 users gaining access to the recordings! You will be offered a download link for the full recording in MP3 form, or you may make your copies following purchase using a physical CD, if you already have one (for example, the CD contained in the Review Pack). The Accompaniment CD may never be duplicated.

See the "Additional Information" section below to learn more.

Minimum Qty: 5

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