Away in a Mango Review Pack (PDF & MP3)


The digital Review Pack is a download-only PDF of the Choral Book, and MP3s of the Demo Recording. The PDF contains all the pages that would normally be in a printed and bound physical book, but in PDF form. That means it can be printed out into book form, but it can also be used from a computer, an iPad or other tablet (a great choice!), or a smartphone. For the download-only PDF and MP3 version, you will pay a lower price than for a physical Review Pack, you won’t have to pay shipping and handling, and there is no waiting because it is immediately available for download once you check out.

Note: This Review Pack PDF and MP3s does not come with any additional copy permission beyond the quantity that you purchase. If you purchase 2, for example, you may distribute the PDF to a total of 2 people. You (and they) may print out a copy each, or you may use on a digital device, or both. Song lyrics may not be copied or typed out and printed or displayed on screens, white boards or flip-charts without permission, and drama parts may not be copied or typed out. See our Reproducible Options below for additional lower-cost options which are reproducible. Possession of a CCLI license does not permit you to distribute or display any of the songs or scripts.

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