Happily Forever After Director’s Resource Kit


The Director’s Resource Kit contains a wealth of production helps for the director, including:

  • Staging ideas
  • Costume ideas
  • Prop ideas
  • Set and costume drawings
  • Sample audition materials
  • Resources including flash cards for teaching music basics
  • Graphics files (jpegs) to be used for advertising and promotion
  • Running script (not a script for actors, but a technical script for sound, lighting, stage personnel to write in notes and cues)
  • Choreography demonstration video to help teach choreography to the kids, and printed choreography script

The Kit is available in two different formats that you may choose from, with the identical contents in both formats:

  • Digital Download, instantly accessible, for zero shipping cost
  • Two Physical Discs (CD-ROM and DVD Video), mailed to you

Important: If you purchase the Physical Discs version, be sure that you have the capability to play a DVD Video disc, and also to read a CD-ROM disc. Both are becoming harder to find, so more and more of our customers are choosing the download versions.

NOTE: The Director’s Resource Kit DOES NOT contain:

  • Any scripts or song lyrics or scores to be used by your singers. You must purchase other items to fill that need (Choral Books, Reproducible Script, Lyrics & Lead Sheets).
  • Any accompaniment tracks or demo recordings to be used by your kids. Those are available in other products.
  • A video of a group performing the musical.
  • Video to be used during your performance, with on-screen lyrics, etc.
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