The Night Shift Before Christmas T-Shirts

From $9.99-$16.99

All t-shirts are ‘while supplies last’. It shouldn’t be assumed that more inventory will be available in the future. Special orders are available only for orders of 200 or more shirts. Shirt orders are non-returnable.

Sizes Available

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*Price adjustments will be reflected in the cart and apply to the total quantity of T-shirts purchased on a single order, including all different sizes. Adult 2XL and 3XL sizes are priced higher.

Youth Small$13.99

No longer available

Youth Medium$13.99

No longer available

Youth Large$13.99

5 in stock

Adult Small$13.99

No longer available

Adult Medium$13.99

7 in stock

Adult Large$13.99

1 in stock

Adult XL$13.99

No longer available

Adult 2XL$15.99

No longer available

Adult 3XL$16.99

No longer available



Unfortunately, we have experienced ongoing supply chain problems and skyrocketing prices for t-shirts. Therefore, all shirts are now “while supplies last”. Our current availability of inventory is displayed for each shirt size. We do not plan on printing more shirts at this point. 

Here are a few ideas:

1. Be flexible on sizes

The difference between a Youth Medium and Youth Large, for example, is not that great. The difference between a Youth Large and an Adult Small is not that great. If we don't have enough of a certain size to cover what you need, consider moving some to the next size up, if that is available.

2. Print your own

If you have a local shirt printer, or special arrangement with a supplier, we are happy to license the use of our shirt art for you to print your own. We typically charge a fee of $25 to supply the layered graphic file, and a $1 per-shirt license fee. (we “build” our art using copyrighted graphic elements which we have leased, and therefore must charge license fees for any additional use).

3. Custom printings for very large orders

If you need more than 200 shirts, we can do a special print run for you. Pricing may be different than what you see for “in stock” shirts, so please contact us for a quote.