The Prodigal Clown Reproducible Script & Lyrics

$2.99/User (min. 15)

Super-convenient and affordable, but be sure you are using them legally!

Purchase the Download and License which will give you the rights to make copies and/or display the Script and Lyrics for a specific number of kids. You are not purchasing actual printed copies of anything. We will not ship these to you, but, rather, you will download the master files from which you may print your copies, and/or copy and paste to a projection software for display on a screen or SMART board for the number of users you specify in the quantity below.

What is the right quantity to purchase?

Count noses!  Please do not just buy the minimum of 15, download the master files, and then put the song lyrics in front of more than 15 kids, whether in print, or on a screen or display board of any kind.

The "default minimum" quantity which will initially appear in your cart is 15.  However, you must adjust the quantity to be equal to the total number of kids you will be sharing the script, and/or printed or projected lyrics with.  In other words, you should "count noses" and make your purchase for the total quantity of kids in your production. For example, if you have 13 kids who need copies of the drama script, but you have a total of 45 kids who will be reading the song lyrics (the words of the songs) to learn them, then your purchase needs to be for 45, and not just the minimum default quantity of 15.  If you are printing 45 sets of the lyrics, or if you are printing 15 sets of the lyrics and asking the kids to share 3 to a copy, you need to "count noses" and pay for 45.  If you are not printing on paper, but are projecting the lyrics on a screen or SMARTboard, or even writing the words out by hand on a white board, you still need to "count noses" and pay for the total number of kids who will be viewing the lyrics to learn the songs.

If your church or school possesses a CCLI license for displaying copyrighted lyrics in a congregational setting, this DOES NOT cover the use of any of our songs.  The CCLI license does not apply to any of the songs in our musicals, so it is not a part of the equation in using our songs legally.  That is why we offer this reproducible option with these parameters.

The drama script and song lyrics come as an easy-to-edit Microsoft Word file, and also as a fixed PDF file to simplify printing when editing is not needed.

See the "Additional Information" section below to learn more.

Please enter your "total number of singers/kids" in the quantity field below. Minimum quantity is 15.

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Reproducible License

Important Note

This item is “reproducible” and requires purchasing licenses for the total number of “users” (singers/kids) rather than the number of copies.

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