Earlyne Dodd

I love what you at Little Big Stuff do and it has truly been a blessing to our kids and to our congregation. I have kids who can sing songs from 4 years ago, so please know that what you are doing impacts the lives of kids and their families. God is definitely working through your ministry! So don’t STOP! Keep it coming!

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NEW For Christmas!

When angels appeared outside the town of Bethlehem proclaiming the greatest news the world had ever heard, they didn’t deliver their message to the “high and mighty,” but to the simple and lowly — shepherds! The seemingly-unimportant “night shepherds” were shocked, but overjoyed, to learn that the promised king, the Messiah from the line of King David, was born that night, right there in Bethlehem, and would grow up to be both the Lamb of God, and the Good Shepherd! Glory to God in the Highest became Glory to God in the Lowest, too, as the very Son of God came to the world He created as a tiny baby in a lowly manger!